Karst water is paid more attention under global change because of its sensitivity to environment. This is especially true in China, which has a total karst area of nearly 1 million km2. Several drought disasters happen widely here from 2009 to 2012. Seven provinces were affected and millions of people suffered from shortage of drinking water. To fight with the drought, hydrogeologists are busy in exploring water resources in karst area. It is proved that the similar disaster also happens around the world. So karst aquifer should be studied more thoroughly. On the other hand it is recognized that karst aquifer has the function of water regulation, bearing climate memory, being carbon sink or source, supporting ecosystem and pollutant absorption or degradation. All of these interesting things can be studied from the view of karst hydrogeology.

Dried water cellar in Donglan County, Guangxi, January 2010

Fig.1 Dried water cellar in Donglan County, Guangxi, January 2010

You are welcome to South of China, where the concentrated and well developed karst extends widely. There are also typical geo-environmental problem and persistent drought here. The big project on anti-drought is being done. We are looking forward to share your and our studied results and experiences on karst and global climate change.

Main topics:

The Symposium will allow the presentation in a wide variety of new and evolving hydrogeological issues and opportunities that include:

1. Impact of climate change on karst water cycle

2. The increasing disturbance on karst and their process, protection

3. Carbon cycle in karst system

4. Efficient management of karst water in extreme weather condition